Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Holy Exams

Yes if this blog was a garden it would be all dead plants, brown and dull because yes I know I abandoned it. So you how I told you I had just finished a job in filing, well things are going well because I know started working in a bank. For the time being that is. Because well in my life nothing seems to be permanent and when I say nothing I mean nothing. Unfortunately I’m actually enjoying this job especially because of an awesome colleague who I’m getting along splendidly with; in fact she’s kind of substituting for not seeing my friends at all right now. Oh yeah, by the way I have my exams this week (God have mercy on our souls AGAIN) So anyone reading this I’d appreciate your prayers, these are not just any other exams I’ve done these same type of exams for the past 3 years and failed by a hair every frickin time! I need this. Really. So after my exams are over I’m hoping to enjoy my summer as much as I can UNTIL I receive my results that is. Anyway, I have no inspiration to piss and moan more right now, so
Peace out,
A xxxx

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